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Marc Amos - Creator of Aimsworx


My name is Marc Amos, I have been a fitness leader in Denver, Colorado for the past 6 years.  Denver is my hometown and I received my MBA in Leadership from Adams State University while playing football.  

I have dedicated 20 years of my life to practicing and solving fitness solutions in myself and my clients. I coach teams of personal trainers on how to best get their clients results and specialize in treating clients who needs sports pain solutions.

The secret is Aimsworx - my fitness company that provides easy and highly effective foam roller self-care methods that reduce stress, boost immunity, eliminate chronic pain, prevent aging and excel movement performance. 

Aimsworx stands for Ayurvedic Integrated Myofascial Self-care and combines the holistic healing principles of Ayurveda (5,000 year old eastern medicine system that is the mother of yoga) with a sports medicine model to rehabilitate posture, restore youthfulness and create vitality in everyday life. 

The program accomplishes this with foam rollers that apply pressure and massage key areas (acupressure).  Specific therapeutic movement designed to neutralize muscle imbalances, improve joint alignment and increase postural health.

Working in the fitness industry after spending my life as an athlete allows me to work with patients/clients/instructors differently because I have lived a lot of the problems they are experiencing. Aimsworx isn’t just for athletes though, it’s for anyone experiencing chronic back pain, the side effects of getting older, improving strength and improving recovery times. 

Before making my company official, foam rolling was a big part of my personal training practice with all clients. I have seen the profound healing it can have on anyone – from beginners just starting their physical fitness journey to advanced athletes who have been hard on their bodies over time.
Why Choose Aimsworx On-Demand?
  • 1-on-1 personal video coaching through Aimsworx Instructional Guided Classes + Bonus Content.
  • Program benefits to eliminate back pain, reduce stress, massage away muscle soreness, improve spine health, revitalize posture and accelerate workout recovery! 
  • Members receive step-by-step guidance for Aimsworx practice to  enhance performance and pain-free movement for all ages!

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